Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My thoughts on composing connections between classrooms and communities


Blogger Teresa said...

Standards are important -- however, we need to understand that there are a wide variety of ways to reach standards and testing is probably not the best way!

6:08 AM  
Blogger hickstro said...

Do we view standards as the lowest rung on the ladder, simply a hurdle to clear? Or, do we see standards as generative ways to think about curriculum and as a starting point for other critical, creative, and exigent work?

If the standard is something as simple as “students will identify character, plot, and setting in ‘Raymond’s Run,’” then, yes, that is pretty low.

But, if the standard is that “students will synthesize multiple sources of information into a multi-genre research paper and oral presentation with appropriate visuals,” then that is a different type of standard, one that opens up possibilities

I think that we need to be careful to identify which standards we are talking about. ITSE, NCTE and IRA have spent lots of time and money developing standards. Are these the ones that we want to rebel against? Or embrace?

6:23 AM  

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